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GESIS Notebooks is a free and hosted instance of BinderHub, that is part of the Federation, for running Jupyter Notebooks requiring no installation. We aim to enable you to get started quickly with your research ideas, prototyping your data science projects, or learning to program languages such as R, Python or Julia.

Why does Open Research Computing matter?

“Openness” is regarded by many researchers as the to most important property to any scientific endeavor. However, achieving openness has proven to be non-trivial and comes with many problems, in particular when large data-sets and complex analysis workflows are involved. This poses for infrastructure providers like GESIS an important question: How can we help to overcome these problems?

We, the GESIS Notebooks team, want to promote Open Science by offering easy-to-use technical solutions for documenting and sharing computational workflows for data-intensive research designs. To this end, we run a instance of BinderHub (called GESIS Notebooks - Open Research Computing for the Social Sciences) and are part of the Federation the service.

It is our hope that the GESIS Notebooks service helps in

We are convinced that progress in these areas will lead to a significant strengthening of the emerging field of Computational Social Science and the paradigm of reproducible research.

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