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Created by GESIS

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ptm gesiscss GitHub
Introduction to Natural Language Processing with a special emphasis on the analysis of Job Advertisements
RStan-Binder arnim GitHub
Files for running RStan on Binder during the Conflicts 2018 @ Bremen - BIGSSS Summer School
stmdemo arnim GitHub
Topic- and Structured Topic Modeling Tutorial during the Conflicts 2018 @ Bremen - BIGSSS Summer School
gesis-meta-analysis-2018 berndweiss GitHub
GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology 2018: Meta-Analysis in Social Research and Survey Methodology
wikiwho_demo gesiscss GitHub
A demonstration of how to use wikiwho to complement other external tools
wikiwho_tutorial gesiscss GitHub
A simple tutorial for WikiWho that uses the wikiwho_wrapper
workshop_girls_day gesiscss GitHub